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“In a short time, I have already integrated the Hypersuggest tool into my workflow for creating briefings. Thanks to fast queries and functional CSV export, this tool is a natural choice.”
Banjamin Schardt
“We have been using Hypersuggest for several years. The tool reliably supports us in keyword research as well as in finding ideas for new content. I really like the new “Ranked Keywords” feature, which now allows us to see the rankings of the competition.”
Jimi Brongers
Kita Medien GmbH
“I myself now use HyperSuggest for every keyword research, every content marketing campaign and for the creation of all texts, no matter if SEO text, guide content or blog post.”
Kai Spriestersbach
“We have been using Hypersuggest successfully for many years. The tool is uncomplicated and absolutely precise. We wouldn’t want to miss it from our daily seo and marketing routine. In addition, top support, even on the weekend, if it is necessary.”
Klaus Müller
PureNature Products GmbH
“HyperSuggest is my tool of choice when it comes to keyword research – especially because not only Google but every important search system is covered (partly including information on click prices and search volume!). What also impressed me is the speed at which the tool delivers the results.”
Konrad Hagelstein
“HyperSuggest lässt sich einfach bedienen, arbeitet schnell und ist für uns mittlerweile ein fester Bestandteil der Content-Recherche. Mit den Ergebnissen haben wir eine valide Basis, um Themen einzugrenzen und zielführend Texte zu erstellen. Und der Support ist top!”
Oliver Schroer
squadt GmbH
“For me HyperSuggest is a really valuable tool for keyword research. The price is fair and the functionality is very good for this purpose.”
Soeren Eisenschmidt
“I have been using Hypersuggest regularly for years to fill in possible gaps in my keyword analyses: In my opinion, nowhere else do you get so many keyword variations and longtails. Especially in combination with the included search volume, the tool offers valuable, fast analysis options.”
Stefanie Engel
WebHonesty Webagentur
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New Artificial intelligence

Keyword Clustering

After researching keywords, you end up with hundreds of keywords in a list. However, manually categorizing these keywords into meaningful groups is very time-consuming.

Our AI-powered clustering algorithm assigns 1,000 keywords to a meaningful keyword group within seconds. This means an enormous time saving for you.

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Found questions
why do online marketing?
why digital marketing online?
why is online marketing so effective?
what online marketing?
why online marketing is better than offline marketing?
why online marketing is better?
why online marketing is the best?
what is online marketing and offline marketing?
why is online marketing preferred over offline marketing?
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why is selling online a good marketing strategy?
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Questions your customers ask


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what questions your website visitors are asking their search engine? That way, you can create useful content around those very questions and answer them.

Why, Where, Who, What, …

Easily expand your question prefixes individually in the toolbox of the W-Question tool. This way you can easily customize your questions and create thousands of questions.

HyperSuggest API New

Whether you need to automate your keyword research or want to integrate the HyperSuggest tools in your own app, our API has got you covered. Request access today and gain programmatic access to all of HyperSuggests tools.

Fast responses

Thanks to our intelligent server infrastructure, you will receive your results within seconds.

JSON Format

Our API communicates via JSON and is therefore super easy to integrate into your project.

Great documentation

We have put a lot of attention to accurate documentation. You can even download a Postman template to drive the API with.

All tools available

You can use all the tools we offer in the HyperSuggest Toolbox via the API. This includes Suggest, Clustering, Keyword Metrics and WH-Questions.

says about HyperSuggest:

“As you can see […] Answerthepublic delivers fairly consistent results, but less than half as many. This is a clear result, especially if you consider that Answerthepublic searches more data […]. So the winner is clearly Hypersuggest.

Search directly from the corresponding country

Country & Language

With our more than 35 million residential IPs worldwide, you can do your keyword research in the exact country you selected in the HyperSuggest toolbox. This is very beneficial for you because you get much better keyword data for your research.

35+ Millionen Residential IPs

Nutze unsere 35+ Millionen Residential IPs weltweit, um noch spezifischere Ergebnisse zu erhalten, die dir andere Keyword Tool nicht liefern können.

Why does HyperSuggest deliver more results than other keyword tools?

We have developed a special query method where we also get the words of a search phrase that precede your keyword. As a result, we get well twice as many results as comparable keyword tools.

How does HyperSuggest work?

HyperSuggest uses the Suggest results and performs advanced queries to find thousands of keywords for you. Without HyperSuggest, you would have to manually enter the keywords into the Google input field to extract all the keywords. Our tool literally saves you hours of keyword research from the Suggest results of various networks.

How long does my subscription last?

You can flexibly decide how you want to pay. Either monthly or annually. Depending on the billing period, your subscription will run.

How up-to-date are the results?

The keyword data is regenerated for each request. So you always get the current status. You can also view and compare your previous searches via the toolbox.

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