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In this small blog post I want to introduce the functions of my tools HyperSuggest.
(Read this tutorial in German)


What are the features of HyperSuggest?

All of you certainly know the suggest tool http://www.ubersuggest.org. You type in a keyword e.g. “coffee” and it gets you all sorts of search phrases related to the entered keyword. The whole thing looks something like this:

  • coffee club
  • coffee caffeine content
  • coffee during pregnancy
  • coffee enema benefits
  • coffee essential oil
  • coffee ground emesis
  • coffee health benefits
  • coffee ice cream recipe
  • coffee ice cubes
  • coffee cupcakes

KEYWORD + [more words]

You get other words to the right side of your entered keyword. I call this technique NormalSuggest – Okay so far! But I thought to myself: “Why only in one direction?” Okay, let’s start with the innovative stuff – ReverseSuggest 😉

It would be also interesting to know, what the people type in before the actual keyword. For this purpose, I have just developed the “ReverseSuggest” feature. You type in a keyword e.g. “coffee” and get results like:

  • eight o’clock coffee
  • french press coffee
  • flat white coffee
  • fair trade coffee
  • falling in love at a coffee shop lyrics
  • gloria jeans coffee
  • jamaican blue mountain coffee
  • keurig coffee maker
  • john lewis coffee machines
  • uses for coffee grounds

[more words] + KEYWORD

With this technique we can receive the words before the entered keyword. Now it’s getting interesting. What about a “for” query? 😉 I try it now just by entering “for fishermen” in HyperSuggest. Here are 10 of the 253 Results:

  • gifts for fisherman who has everything
  • recipe for fisherman’s stew
  • a prayer for fisherman
  • poem for a fisherman
  • salary for a crab fisherman
  • birthday cake for fisherman
  • christmas gifts for fishermen
  • good gift for fisherman
  • jewelry for fisherman
  • life vest for fisherman

These results are very interesting for websites that deal with niches theme. Whether fishing or cats – the tool extracts very interesting ideas for your content.

What can I do with this results?

With HyperSuggest you can put your researched keywords on a “watchlist”. This is especially handy when you are performing multiple instances of a search and don’t want to lose any of your ideas.

How it works: You type in a keyword in HyperSuggest and hit “Search” – then it takes a moment and the result will look something like this (screenshot):


Next to each keyword a small plus sign can be seen. Click on this plus sign to put the search phrase on the watch list. The watchlist can be opened with a click on the blue list icon on the left.

Wrap up

I hope that I was able to give you an overview of HyperSuggest. I want to always keep HyperSuggest up to date – therefore from time to time there will be updates. If you want to support me, then you simply purchase HyperSuggest Pro for a small fee per month – you say “thank you” this way 🙂 I would be very happy!

Click here for HyperSuggest Pro

If you have any feedback, let me know! I look at every comment!

Your Sebastian

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  1. Hallo Sebastian,

    das sind hervorragende und aussergewöhnlich hilfreiche Lösungen zum Thema Recherche. Danke für diese kreative und hochwertige Arbeit.


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